1. VSCO grid has a whole lot of new :).

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  3. I just met Aaron. I had to take his photo bc, yeah. Dig his style. Thank you for being down to have your photo taken! #whptodayimet (at Emo’s)

  4. alexsattlerphotography:

    And in reference to that last post, here are a few samples of work that didn’t quite make the cut for an upcoming album design. 

    Share your process and the mistakes happy little accidents that you’ve made along the way.

    *damn straight I just made a Bob Ross reference

    I like that sharing the process stuff. That’s what I want with Of Our Youth.

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  6. laurenmarek:

    Take a LOOK! The @ofouryouth store is open. I had a rad time shooting their first run!

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    Hey y’all! @carrasykes’s passion project @ofouryouth launches tomorrow. I took some photos of the banners today and they are rad!


  8. laurenmarek:

    A sneak peek at @ofouryouth.

  9. TODAY IS THE DAY! Go on over to @ofouryouth for more deets :).

  10. We were shooting for @ofouryouth and she did this. The launch is tomorrow, check it out if you want ☺️. Kind of a sneak peek, but not really.