1. TODAY IS THE DAY! Go on over to @ofouryouth for more deets :).

  2. We were shooting for @ofouryouth and she did this. The launch is tomorrow, check it out if you want ☺️. Kind of a sneak peek, but not really.


  3. (Source: Spotify)

  4. WK + ES on Flickr.

    These kiddos. // going through some old photos.

  5. Steph // UTD RUGBY on Flickr.

    Stephanie plays rugby and is a BA. Rad lady, for sure.

  6. laurenmarek:

    Look That Way

    from a few months ago.


    (Source: laurenmarek.com)

  7. Been to the East End of Houston yet? There are a lot of great places to eat! I frequent the Food Truck Park bc work is just a walk and skip away.

  8. As the wind goes with the flow.

  9. LM 07•19•14 on Flickr.

  10. TeePee chillin’ y’all. (at Teepee Motel And Rv Park)